Self-Care after your baby

Hello again! Welcome back to the blog. This evening’s post is all about the importance of self-care and taking time out for yourself after having your beautiful baby.

Have you heard the saying that the key to a happy baby is a happy mum? After having a baby, it can become really difficult to see yourself as more than ‘mummy’ for a good few months whilst you’re in the midst of the blur that is newborn life! It can feel really difficult to get out of the house, and even more so to actually do something for yourself – but it’s so important for your mental health to take a little time out every now and then. Recharging your batteries and taking some time to be yourself has a really positive effect on your mental health, and helps you to give more back to your family.

When you feel ready, a beauty treatment such as a facial, a massage or even just a simple brow wax can really make you feel more ‘you’ again. I can’t think of a better place to go than Stacey Samiloglu Beauty and Brows, located in Morecambe town centre. If you don’t feel up to leaving your newborn or young baby yet – that’s absolutely fine! Stacey is more than happy to have them in the salon whilst you relax and enjoy your treatment. You’ll find an incredibly friendly and relaxed atmosphere waiting for you, and the treatments are just lovely! Stacey is incredibly patient and won’t make you feel rushed. If you do take your little one and they need you during your treatment, don’t worry – you can take the time to settle your baby without feeling judged or pressured to figure it out in a rush. And if you do feel ready to leave your baby – go for it! Take your hour (or more! We won’t tell anyone…) and enjoy some time to relax knowing your baby is happy and safe with someone you trust. You can find more info about treatments here:


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