Welcome back to the blog! I’m so very behind on updating these as you’ll see in this post! Today I’m sharing a preview of a newborn session I had back at the start of the year with Sofia, who was welcomed into this big world on 1st January 2019 to Amy and James. As you can imagine, Mum and Dad were equal parts exhausted and delirious with their sweet baby girl, and I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to be a (small!) part of their parenthood journey.



Going into the session, Amy and James said that their favourite part of the photo shoot was “seeing Jemma carefully place Sofia in the positions. Jemma was very gentle and Sofia must have felt at ease as she only started to wake up towards the end! (the rocky biscuit that came with the complimentary drinks and treats whilst we were waiting was nice also)” All turned out brilliantly, as you can see from the images I was able to capture that day.

Their main piece of advice to making sure all goes off without a hitch?

“Do it! They are not newborns for long and it’s just lovely to be able to capture the early days for memories” said Amy. I totally agree with that advice!



So, so sweet!

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