Why do I need a professional photographer

Do I really need a professional photographer? My guests have smartphones…

I hear this question so often when customers are planning a wedding, special occasion or corporate event. Most people now own a smartphone, and with modern phones often boasting high megapixel cameras you might be thinking ‘Do I really need a professional photographer?’. This post outlines the benefits of using a photographer rather than relying on your guests for your special moments.

Let’s start with the obvious – how many of your guests will actually send you the images after your event? Most guests are happy to take a photo in the moment, but sending hundreds of images the day after an event takes time and patience, things that a lot of your guests just don’t have. Attaching large images to emails won’t work, uploading to the cloud takes time and putting them onto a memory stick or disk for you and delivering them – well that’s just far too much effort for most people to go to. Your photographer will ensure that all images reach you in a timely manner and in a format that suits you. Whilst your guests are nursing a hangover the morning after or just generally going about their busy lives, our job is to work on your images. You don’t have to worry about not receiving them, or whether you’ll even be able to use them when you do. You can simply sit back and relax knowing that we have everything in hand and that you won’t have to do any chasing.

Next up – image quality. Even though smartphone cameras are better than they ever have been, they still aren’t great in low light, bright light or changeable weather conditions. Your event photographer has expensive kit for a reason – it’s designed to perform exceptionally in all conditions. Say goodbye to grainy images of your evening event, dull images from a cloudy day or overly exposed images from a really bright day. Our cameras can be tweaked and altered to ensure that your images look amazing no matter what! By working with a professional photographer you can be sure that your images will be beautifully exposed and grain free, perfect for printing or displaying on your website.

Lets look at Social media next. Your guests will upload images as they take them. Some will be flattering, some less so and none have been vetted by you. Sometimes you’ll be tagged and be able to request copies, but often you won’t. Your event photographer checks and perfects each individual image for you before you receive them. Anything that shows you in a less than perfect light doesn’t make the cut. For corporate events, your branding can be added to each image and you control when they go live. For special occasions, lighting and minor imperfections can be corrected. Your guests will know to check your social media page within a few days to find pictures of themselves, driving traffic to your pages and increasing recognition and followers.

Moving on to variety – guests tend to take selfies with their smartphones, often in the same groups or of the same features. Your photographer is there to engage with your guests and ensure you receive a huge range of different high quality images, without a selfie in sight. Your images will be beautifully framed, well composed and capture all aspects of your event or occasion. Reportage style or group photos, the choice is entirely yours, but you can rest assured that your images will be beautifully diverse and capture a true reflection of your event.

Finally, your photographer will spend time looking at each image individually, and edit them beautifully to make the most of the subject. If you have a certain style of photography in mind, discuss it in advance with your photographer and we can ensure that you aren’t disappointed. The process can take several hours to complete but the outcome is a set of beautifully clear, well composed images that represent your event in its best possible light. You just can’t get that with a smartphone….

Contact me today to find out how we can help with your event, or if you still aren’t convinced, drop us any questions you have and we will do to best to answer them honestly and openly. Happy event planning!

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